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Predicting the Effects of Single Mutations on Protein Stability
Free calculation for up to 5 mutations

An example of using the calculation of a monomeric protein using the example of P53 mutations. Calculations made it possible to separate neutral mutations from oncological mutations of the P53 protein.
bio calculations
calculation results
oncological mutations
Calculation results for negative and Positive set of P53 muttaions

Input data

  • Load PDB file of one protein structures,
  • select amount of mutaions,
  • Serial number of a.a. in PDB file,
  • new indicates of a.a.
The results will be automatically sent to your e-mail.
InPut PDB of protein srtucture

Our service provides a fast and easy way to perform complex bioinformatics calculations. With our user-friendly interface, you can quickly submit your data and get results within minutes. We also offer many advanced features to help you get the most out of your calculations.

Example of PDB file structure:
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