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Calculated on-line server: 3D peptides
Free calculation for up to 5 mutations

Strategies for Improving Peptide Stability

Examine structural peptides when introducing missense mutations into the structure. You can study both individual contacting domains of proteins and amyloid peptides that are prone to aggregation.
Obtain a complete set of physical interaction parameters for a dimer of peptides
that have contact through interacting domains.
An example of the PDB structure is given below on the page.
You can introduce mutations into one PDB or into both at once,
up to 4 mutations at the same time.
It is desirable that the mutations do not occur one after another, but are spaced and separated by other amino acid residues.
The server does not SEARCH FOR THE CONTACT AREA;
it is assumed that the structure's PDB already contains this spatial information.
Potential energy interaction map of two polypeptide chains

a Web tool to calculate mutation rates that provides three useful advances over existing Web tools

Input data

  • Load PDB file N1 for first peptide structure,
  • select amount of mutaions,
  • Serial number of this a.a. in PDB file,
  • new indicates of a.a.
  • Load PDB file N2 for second peptide structure
  • select amount of mutaions,
  • Serial number of this a.a. in PDB file,
  • new indicates of a.a.
InPut PDB N1 of peptide srtucture
How much mutations in peptide N1 do you need?
The serial number of the substitution (mutation) of the amino acid residue according to the PDB file, if there are several substitutions, then write separated by a space
Indicate the new names of amino acid residues after their replacement for the missense mutation
InPut PDB N2 of peptide srtucture
How much mutations in peptide do you need?

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Example of PDB file structure:
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